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A few of the many things I like to do.

 Paintball is a great forum to release/relieve stress and frustration. Where else can you shoot your friends, over and over again. And then, do it all over again.

Camping, hunting, fishing, in general; the Great Outdoors. Unfortunatly I don't get to do either as often as I'd like, but I do make a point of going camping every Labor Day and Memorial Day weekend. I can get my fishing and paintballing in on those weekends.

Video Games

I admit, I am a Gaming addict.
I own a PS1, a Game Cube and an XBOX.
The PS1(mainly collects dust) and Game Cube are for the kids, but the XBOX is mine. But, yeah, the kids are always on that too.
The GC titles we own are: Sponge Bob, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3, Namcomuseum, and WrestleMania X8.
XBOX titles are:
Halo, Halo 2, Splinter Cell,
Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow, 
Splinter Cell: Caos Theory, Ghost Recon,
Ghost Recon 2, Indian Jones, DOA3,
Enclave, NBA Inside Drive 2003,
Transworld Snow Boarding, Max Payne,
Crash Bandicoot, Crimson Skies,
Soldier of Fortune II, Unreal 2,
Sponge Bob: Battle for Bikini Bottom,
Star Wars Jedi Academy, Links 2004,
Project Gotham Racing 2, Rainbow Six 3,
Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow, Shadow Ops,
Full Spectrum Warrior, Fable, Wreckless,   
and lots of demos and exhibition discs.

The "arts".
I am into photography, drawing, music and lapidry to name a few. 
I had to stop drawing as often as I used to, way back in 10th grade, if I hadn't I never would have graduated High School. I started playing guitar when I was inspired by the "great at the time", Bill and Ted's Excellant Adventure. I currently own a Jackson/Charvel guitar. 
I also make custom jewelry from time to time. I use wire of differant sorts along with crystals and other various polished stones.


 My musical tastes are pretty much this, everything but Opera, ballet music, and the shit you here in elevators and Dentist Offices. I am open to a lot of differant types and styles of music. Oh yeah, Christmas Music makes me violent. I think that is due to the fact my mom would start the "Christmas Music" around Thanksgiving and keep it going until about, oh, Easter.