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MIA American Soldiers
POW/MIA Adoption Program
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Here's a chance for you to contribute.

Take part in the Yellow Ribbon campaign:
Be sure to write your letter to the President, Congressmen and
Representatives. Let them know how concerned you are about the POW/MIA's
whom have still not returned home.

For email addresses for your elected officials:

Consider making a web page for your adopted POW/MIA.
Please consider joining our Official OJC Web Ring :

The OJC Web Ring joins together the POW/MIA pages on the net.
If you are interested in POW/MIA bracelets you can find information
about purchasing one from US Veteran's Dispatch at:
or phone 1-800-452-8906. POW/MIA bracelets can also be ordered from:

To order a graphic of a POW/MIA bracelet for your web page: